Hands 2.jpg

Shaping texture and movement with thread

I work mostly with paper. I buy antique postcards from the vendors on the banks of the Seine, I save the tissue paper from shoe boxes, friends hoard old and new magazines for me, and I have been known to loaded-up my bike’s basket with books I find abandoned on the street.

I’m particularly drawn to the texture and color of old paper and the idea of making new from old. Stitching together tiny fragile pieces of the past. Transforming old images into something new. Recycling forgotten bits of cardboard into large paper quilts. 

Hands 3.jpg

Fragile and durable, strong and delicate

 I burn holes into my paper with incense and a soldering iron. I punch tinier holes with my needle.


Filling holes with holes

I fill in the gaps and connect the layers with stitching and thread and then water, ink, liquid gilding, and paint.