"I have been waiting to feel less angry"

Embroidered mixed-media collage || paper and thread || 65h x 50w cm or 26h x 20w inches

The Hashtag Me Too series is inspired by the movement with the same name and examines the question “can you separate art from the artist?” Mimicking the Last Supper and referencing Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party,” women have been cut out of classical and modern paintings and seated together around modern dining room tables. No longer exposed, twisted, simplified, and dehumanized for the male gaze, the women have been given voices and are engaged in passionate conversations with each other. The images are repeated to represent the reverberation and rebirth that is happening through these conversations. The paper is torn, burned, and sewn together to show both the fragility and strength of the women through the paper itself.

The titles for each work are newspaper quotes from women who have been brave enough to publicly tell their stories of sexual harassment.