The artwork in this new series is significantly larger (1m x 1.5m) and the photographs are mounted on secondhand antique bed sheets. I continued to brew natural dyes using organic materials and dye small scraps of fabric (a ripped curtain, an antique tablecloth, a stained tea towel...) to represent the physicality of womanhood and gender roles. I paired the fabrics with digitally edited photographs from clothing catalogues that I had printed on canvas cloth to show the commodification and manipulation of women’s stories. To deliberately erase the women, I repeatedly stitched over their faces, bodies and clothing and quilted them fast to the linen bed sheets. Yet the women are still there. Their presence is even stronger.

I have also begun layering the cloth photographs behind tarlatan cloth and stitching the cloth together. This creates an airy and ephemeral quality that I am still exploring and developing.